Killermont Church

at the heart of our community

Sunday Club

We love sharing worship with our children and young people. 
But we know that they need to do their own thing too. 
And here's why!!!

So part of our Sunday morning worship is spent together in the Sanctuary.
And for the rest of the time, each age group worships and learns together in their own space.

 0 - 3 years


 3 - 5 years


 P1 - P3 


 P4 - P6

 Young Explorers

 P7 - S3+


For more information about Creche, Tiddlywinks, Follower and Young Explorers, please click  here.
Or phone Alan on 0141 942 0021.

For more information about CrossFire, please click here.
Or phone Jonny on 07428 766508.